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Billabong’s – Australian

I went to Billabong’s restaurant today, an Australian style restaurant in Osborne, with mom, dad and the bf to start off my 25 before 25 goal of eating in a new ethnic restaurant each month. It wasn’t too crazy, they’re mostly just like us, but we did decide to try some Kangaroo! It was tasty, kind of like steak but also sweet, which was weird. But we all seemed to like it, inlcuding mom, who’s by far the pickiest. I had what was called the Australia burger, not sure what really makes it Australian, except it was definitely not Canadian. It had a pineapple ring and a fried egg on it, among other things, and was the most delicious burger of my life. And the fries with it were so good. Nothing else was definitively Aussie style, but everything we had there was very good, and I’d definitely go back. And being my birthday, it was a good start to my list item of eating at a different international restaurant once a month!

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Dean Koontz Booklist

Part of my upcoming 25 by 25 is to read every book by Dean Koontz. This is the list that I will be using to base this on, from his website.

Night Chills
Face of Fear
The Vision
The Key To Midnight
The Funhouse
The Mask
The House of Thunder
The Door to December
Twilight Eyes
The Bad Place
The Servants of Twilight
Cold Fire
Dragon Tears
Mr. Murder
Winter Moon
Dark Rivers of the Heart
Strange Highways
Tick Tock
The Eyes of Darkness
Demon Seed
Sole Survivor
Fear Nothing
False Memory
Seize the Night
From the Corner of His Eye
One Door Away from Heaven
By the Light of the Moon
The Face
Odd Thomas
The Taking
Life Expectancy
Frankenstein 1: Prodigal Son
Frankenstein 2: City of the Night
Forever Odd
The Husband
Brother Odd
The Good Guy
The Darkest Evening of the Year
Odd Hours
Your Heart Belongs to Me
Frankenstein 3: Dead and Alive
Frankenstein: Lost Souls
Darkness Under the Sun (novella)
What the Night Knows
Frankenstein: The Dead Town
The Moonlit Mind
77 Shadow Street


Stroked out titles are the ones I’ve read within the past year already or that I’ve read a few times and remember fairly well. I have read others on this list but want to re-read them during this venture. As I read a book this year, I’ll change it’s colour on this list.


From Dean Koontz website (

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The Bunny

I joined WordPress in December. This is my first post. Talk about nothing to write about.  I feel like I should maybe get it started.. finally.


We apparently have a bunny that keeps sitting on our front yard. The bf was texting me all week everytime he saw him and I was starting to get mad because he’s never around when I’m at home. Then today as I was leaving for work, not really paying attention to anything, I saw him! Sitting on the corner of my yard! He was so close I could see his nose wiggling. I moved to get closer and that was when he darted under the car. I hope to continue seeing him over the summer and maybe even get to pet him once or twice. I’d love to have him as a yard pet, I wouldn’t have to clean up after him but still get to enjoy his wascally wabbit ways. I’ll put up a picture later so you can see how cute he is.

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